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"What is a 'Friday Twiz', Nickie?" I hear you ask.  The simple answer is that on a Friday, on Twitter, we hold a pub quizFriday Twiz!

To join in, all you have to do is the following:
1.  Follow the TwizMaster on Twitter - @FridayTwiz (and follow @nickieohara for regular updates too)
2.  When the TwizMaster asks a question, tweet the answer and include the hashtag #fridaytwiz

#fridaytwiz Take That and Lulu

That's it!

"Why should I join in, Nickie?" is your next question, isn't it?  Well, firstly, it's a good way to get to know new people as everyone joining in will be using the hashtag #fridaytwiz (hopefully) and there are ways to see who is using that hashtag (more of that in a minute).  Also, you get to show off your general pub-quiz knowledge in a friendly environment.  There is no prize (other than kudos) - this is for fun only.

The Rules:

1.  The FridayTwiz will start at 9.00 (ish) on Friday evening, UK time.
2.  Your answer must include the hashtag #fridaytwiz (and could be tweeted to @FridayTwiz if you feel the need, but this is not necessary)
3.  @FridayTwiz is the boss of the whole quiz.  @FridayTwiz has the final word.  The first, second and third correct answers are as appear in the #fridaytwiz OWN timeline. 
4.  The first, second and third correct tweet may @mentioned in the answer tweet by @FridayTwiz.
5.  If @FridayTwiz TwizMaster falls down drunk pauses the twiz for any length of time for any time then the FridayTwiz is deemed to be "on a break" until further notice.  Please chat amongst yourselves during this time.
6.  The FridayTwiz will end when @FridayTwiz either runs out of questions or participants.

Hints and Tips:
  • Follow the #FridayTwiz stream to meet new people, join in conversations and interact.  If you don't want to spam your timeline then @reply to the @FridayTwiz account when answering questions.
  • Download a viewing application for Twitter such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic and become adept at using it.  This will set you in good stead for general Twitter use anyway.
  • Do not sulk if you were right and didn't get a mention.  Remember Rule 2 and Rule 3.
  • Have Fun!!

If you've got any suggestions for FridayTwiz themes or if you would like to be a Guest Twizmaster for a week please email me or by sending me a DM (direct message) on Twitter and we'll sort something out.

* * *